About Us

an NGO with a vision

What started in 2009 was an NGO with a dream to make the world a better place. Every time we take a small step towards a brighter future, we know somewhere; it"s going to make a big impact on someone"s life. We are here to spread awareness across this diverse country of ours, make our fellow citizens aware of their rights and empower them to fight for the same. Jagrut is a team of dedicated professionals under the humble patronage of a few great people all with the same mission: to make a difference. With a united front, we fight to bring about change in every sphere of life, to touch souls and change destinies.


Possibilities of change are endless

"All Lives Have Equal Values" We are here to nurture responsible citizens, to create awareness and educate our fellow countrymen. After all we are in the land of Mother Teresa and Gandhi, every one of us carries forward with him/her a great legacy of kindness and faith; conviction in our fellow human beings, our children and our natural resources. We believe that all lives have equal values, which is why our principal motive is to unite people, breaking barriers of social atrocities that plague us like caste, creed, religion, etc. We aim to bring about holistic change, expanding to various spheres of life. And we want to do that with a fresh, creative attitude towards our world. It could be a simple "Blood Donation Camp" or "A Religious Camp for Children" but these are just two bullets points in the abysmal cauldron of change.
The way to look is forward and the time is now!

The word "‘jagrut" means awareness and that is what we are here to do. Spread awareness and help people rise above themselves. While we work on multiple fields and issues there are some topics that are close to our heart like :

  • Rural Education :

    Eighty-seven per cent of the schools in India are in the country's villages. While we know that lack of education at the rudimentary level is a large reason behind the rising illiteracy rate in our country, we hope to create projects that will help change these disturbing statistics.

  • Empowerment of Women :

    The plight of our women in the villages and the lower rungs of society are deplorable. At Jagrut, we strive to make them aware, educate them so that they can be self-sufficient and in turn bring up their children better.

In a globosphere of issues, we are here to do hands-on work that promises a smarter and healthier planet.